I am so proud of you - ALWAYS loving you
FOREVER your Daddy - One Day Closer!

Mi Princesa - Mi Angel - Mi Vida



My greatest inspiration is my little girl....

She is ALWAYS in my heart and in my mind and I will always do everything I can to be involved in her life. I cannot wait for the day where we are reunited. Whenever she or her maternal family wish to speak, then please do so. My contact details are on this site..

I have also set up a private blog for which we can exchange messages should you wish to but this will require an invitation email address


I keep updated as much as I can on her school work and her dancing and performing...


Just recently, I have been to visit the school to meet with teachers who were lovely. They told me how well you are doing and gave me a report from all of your new teachers. I also believe you are being tutored now due to your fantastic achievements on stage. I am so proud and I am sure you will keep your feet on the ground but keep reaching for the stars.

I have also had the opportunity to see your show. The cast were amazing.... YOU were amazing. I cannot express enough how happy I was to see you but also very tearful as I wanted to tell you how much I love and miss you and how much I want us to be reunited as soon as possible.. One day closer. I will keep on doing everything I can x



Always loving you... FOREVER your daddy... One more day closer xxx


12th birthday pictures

Some previous birthday pictures

I continue to support the Reunite International charity through various events and activities (https://www.justgiving.com/teams/reunite-spain). They have been so supportive of us too which has been so appreciated.

A football tournament in support of Reunite international

At the beginning of Walk Across Borders

At the end of my 44 day walk between Orihuela, Spain and London, UK

Reunite walk that we attend every year in London

This is after I got home from Walk Across Borders with Michelle, Shani and Carlos. 3 amazing people who cannot wait to see you.

Shani is a very talented singer/songwriter here in Spain

Outside our house wearing a T-Shirt of the parachute jump done in memory of my Mom (Aleyah's Nana) who sadly passed away in November 2015. All monies raised went to Reunite International Child Abduction Centre

Picture of the Skydive

Outside the shop / office we opened to try to support Reunite

Trophies from another football tournament

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