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FOREVER your Daddy - One Day Closer!

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My greatest inspiration is my little girl....

She is ALWAYS in my heart and in my mind and I will always do everything I can to be involved in her life. I cannot wait for the day where we are reunited. Whenever she or her maternal family wish to speak, then please do so. My contact details are on this site..

Aleyah school pics


I have also set up a private blog for which we can exchange messages should you wish to but this will require an invitation email address


I continue to plea to the maternal family to end this madness. Enough is enough. The tactics to remove Aleyah from her home in Spain (for the 2nd time) were dispicable. Unforgivable..

It allowed you to achieve your objective. To erase Aleyah's paternal family from your life. But in doing that, you are also alienating Aleyah from her paternal family who love her unconditionally.

It is time to move forward and think of our daughter. She is an amazing young lady and has been given opportunities on stage that I probably couldnt have provided but what I would have provided is a loving relationship with both the maternal and paternal families.

I am so proud of her for everything she is achieving and also the way that her teachers say that she is keeping her feet on the ground.

One day I am sure you know we will be reunited. Aleyah is on my mind every single day and she does not deserve to be deceived in the way she has been.

Changing her name on stage, lies, deception, alienation, false allegations etc will never take away the fact that I am her father and I will always look out for her in any way I can.

You know this is the right thing to do even if you would never admit to the tactics you have used. It is time to move forward and allow her to have her father in her life.
My details are:

0034 622 925 754

I keep updated on Aleyah's progress as much as I possibly can through school and dance contacts but continue to plea that the madness, deception and tactics will end so that Aleyah can be reunited with her paternal family. This IS the right thing to do... For Aleyah...

Aleyah onedaycloser

Changing her name on stage to Aaliyah Monk is yet another tactic to remove her identity. It is very sad that this is continuing. Her name is Aleyah Monk-Dalton

Plea to the maternal family




Always loving you... FOREVER your daddy... One more day closer xxx

Aleyah balloon

aleyah 13 cake

aleyah dad

13th Birthday Pics


12th birthday pictures

Some previous birthday pictures

I continue to support the Reunite International charity through various events and activities (https://www.justgiving.com/teams/reunite-spain). They have been so supportive of us too which has been so appreciated.

A football tournament in support of Reunite international

At the beginning of Walk Across Borders

At the end of my 44 day walk between Orihuela, Spain and London, UK

Reunite walk that we attend every year in London

This is after I got home from Walk Across Borders with Michelle, Shani and Carlos. 3 amazing people who cannot wait to see you.

Shani is a very talented singer/songwriter here in Spain

Outside our house wearing a T-Shirt of the parachute jump done in memory of my Mom (Aleyah's Nana) who sadly passed away in November 2015. All monies raised went to Reunite International Child Abduction Centre

Picture of the Skydive

Outside the shop / office we opened to try to support Reunite

Trophies from another football tournament

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0034 622 925 754