I am so proud of you - ALWAYS loving you
FOREVER your Daddy - One Day Closer!

My Website for my daughter Aleyah

My greatest inspiration is my little girl....

She is ALWAYS in my heart and in my mind and I will always do everything I can to be involved in her life. I cannot wait for the day where we are reunited. Whenever she or her maternal family wish to speak, then please do so. My email is s.monkdalton@gmail.com

I continue to plea to the maternal family to end this madness. Enough is enough. 

Changing Aleyah's name on stage to "Aaliyah Monk" is yet another tactic to remove her identity. It is very sad that this is continuing.


ALEYAH.... This really hurt but I want you to know that I do not blame you at all... You have been subjected to alienation tactics for most of your life so it comes as no surprise whatsoever that this would be the next stage in the alienation process

Please reach out and seek your own truths and ANY questions you might have, I will answer openly and honestly... I PROMISE.


0034 622 925 754


I am totally blessed with the most fantastic friends and family and partner who I love so much...

I live in a beautiful part of the world and never ever take that for granted.

I am healthy with no physical ailments for which I am thankful (other that accumulating age.. and the injuries that come with it.. Anybody know a cure for that? )

Yet I still feel sometimes feel that I am just going through the motions living one day at a time until my family is reunited with my daughter Aleyah.

Not a day goes by without her being in my heart and in my mind... I am so proud of her.

I aim to stay positive no matter what is thrown at us and will never give up in doing what I can to keep updated in her welfare and progress despite the efforts that continue to occur to keep information from me.

I also want to do what I can in whatever small way possible to make a difference to raise awareness of parental child abduction and parental alienation to prompt change so that other families dont have to go through what we have.

We WILL reunite and I look forward so much to that day. I dream of that day!!!

I continue to plead with the maternal family to end this cruel behaviour and get in touch so Aleyah can be with both of her parents and both sides of her family without being forced into a position to choose..

The tactics that have been used to keep us apart for so long are heinous and wrong but it is never too late to change FOR ALEYAH ...

We are one more day closer x #onedaycloser #alwayslovingyou #foreveryourdad

Latest Updates

It was Aleyah's birthday on 25th August (2021). She is now 16 !!

We put together a couple of videos for her. I hope she likes them

Other years birthdays can be found on the birthdays page

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Aleyah... If you are reading this, know that you are ALWAYS in my heart and in my mind.
Reach out to me when you can. I am extremely sad that the extreme tactics that were used to keep us apart but we have time in the future to look forward to.

If you feel cautious because of untruths that might have been told, please, look at the comments of the plea page and who some of the comments are from. They were very close friends of your Granny and Grandad.

Some were neighbours who stepped away because they did not agree with what was happening...

Please seek your own truths and be in touch when you are ready.

I miss you so much

ALWAYS loving you. Forever your dad

Mobile: 0034 622 925 754

email: s.monkdalton@gmail.com

I keep updated on Aleyah's progress as much as I possibly can through school and dance contacts but continue to plea that the madness, deception and tactics will end so that Aleyah can be reunited with her paternal family. This IS the right thing to do... For Aleyah...

I put this video slideshow together to help to raise awareness of parental alienation for Parental Alienation Day on 25th April 2019

2010 was the last year I could spend any time with Aleyah.. I hope she remembers the first 4 years of her life when she was home in Spain.

I will never give up on my child and look forward to the day we are reunited. One Day Closer xx

We also created a grandparent alienation awareness video

I have seen Aleyah perform in the London West End Musical - School of Rock several times but sadly, always as an anonymous face in the crowd. I am, however, so proud of her.

Aleyah in School of Rock


Mi Princesa - Mi Angel - Mi Vida