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Aleyah birth

Every year you have been absent, we have tried to celebrate your birthday and have continued to keep cards and small gifts. Hopefully soon, you will be able to see those for yourself to see that you are always in our hearts and in our minds

This is the last actual birthday we spent together. You were 4 years old and you had many of your friends there for a party. You seemed so happy. Your Nana was there too. I hope you remember her. You adored each other.

Aleyahs 4th birthdayAleyah's 4th Birthday

As you can see from this collage, we always made sure we celebrated your birthday. Hoping and praying that the next one would be the one where we are reunited

Aleyah's 5th - 11th birthdays

Here are a few pictures from your 12th birthday


Here are a few pictures from your 13th birthday

Aleyah balloon

aleyah 13 cake

aleyah dad

14th Birthday

After August 25th I will post some pictures of how we celebrate your 14th birthday