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Plea to the Maternal Family

Aleyah onedaycloser

Dear L, K & Y

I continue to plea to the maternal family to end this madness. Enough is enough. The tactics to remove Aleyah from her home in Spain (for the 2nd time) were dispicable. Unforgivable..

It allowed you to achieve your objective. To erase Aleyah's paternal family from your life. But in doing that, you are also alienating Aleyah from her paternal family who love her unconditionally.

It is time to move forward and think of our daughter. She is an amazing young lady and has been given opportunities on stage that I probably couldnt have provided but what I would have provided is a loving relationship with both the maternal and paternal families.

I am so proud of her for everything she is achieving and also the way that her teachers say that she is keeping her feet on the ground.

One day I am sure you know we will be reunited. Aleyah is on my mind every single day and she does not deserve to be deceived in the way she has been.

Changing her name on stage, lies, deception, alienation, false allegations etc will never take away the fact that I am her father and I will always look out for her in any way I can.

You know this is the right thing to do even if you would never admit to the tactics you have used. It is time to move forward and allow her to have her father in her life.

My details are:

0034 622 925 754

Aleyah please ring your daddy, I have met this lovely man when he walked across Spain to England raising awareness for his absent daughter, he loves you so much please before it is too late phone him,

Pat Pallet

Hi Aleyah

Once again I would like to ask you to please consider reaching out to your dad , you can do it privately and just between you and him.

This will be Very good for you and it would mean everything to your dad .
He deserves this .. and So do YOU! 

"..... she has a big heart...it is obvious...and with that big heart comes a deep inherent desire to know who her father is..... I think we all know for a fact that she is consistently wondering about who you are.... . . and Maybe .. even knows who you are already....but has to keep it quiet out of concern of what her mom may say and do .........
...but it's obvious she is coming to that age where she Definitely has her Own mind......and that is a force of nature.. . ......so .... it IS just a matter of time....and when that day comes she is gonna ball her eyes out with surprise and love when she sees that You have actually been there the Entire Time..... watching her grow up...."

Rick Calkovsky

You won’t remember me Aleyah but I remember you as a happy and confident little girl who arrived at school swinging on your Gran’s arm and giggling with your dad.

There’s no doubt your mum has raised a confident and talented young person but remember the foundations for your success was also provided by your dad and your paternal family.

If you’re not ready for contact to be known by others remember you’re in control, you make the rules.

Don’t lose any more memories, contact your Dad. Put the separation behind you, he loves you so much.

Terry Larcombe

Aleyah, it is certain that you may see these posts..
You are not alone in the alienation that has controlled you.

There are many tens of thousands of children throughout the world who have been manipulated to believe that the only safe place is where you're at.

This is not true, and a little research by you will open your mind.

Be brave, question everything you have been told,
I do not know you, but I'd be delighted to meet you one day and know that your life is so much richer for being a part of the other side of your family.

My reach out to you isn't just for your dad, but for you to know the love that awaits you on the other side!
The only regret that you could possibly have is why it didn't happen sooner..

Right now would be the perfect time to connect.
Much love x

Ken Spooner

What a great post to prompt others who know Steve and who knew Aleyah to say what we think of him so that his daughter can see what we think.

I have been in a relationship with Steve for a few years. Friends for much longer and I can honestly say that he is the most genuine..loyal..loving person I have ever met.

He absolutely adores Aleyah and every day he tries to find out what she is doing. He is so proud of her it is clear for everybody to see.

It's so sad that her mother is trying to do everything she can to stop them from reuniting. What is the point? Is it because she would see her dad in the way people do here and be just as proud of him as he is of her?

People who knew Steve and Aleyah when she was in Spain know how close they were. How he would do anything for her. It is so cruel for them to be apart.

Aleyah, if you are reading this, please get in touch. It would mean everything to your father.

Michelle Wollage

What can I say about Steve? Dedicated, positive, strong are the first words that come to mind.

Aleyah, I met your dad on my own journey trying to reunite with my alienated daughter.

I have never met anyone with such strength and determination and unconditional love for his daughter.

He is a lovely man, funny, and sometimes a little annoying! His antics keep us all smiling and entertained.
I don't think anyone could ask for a better father and it's tragic that such a huge part of your childhood has been away from him.

I hope that one day soon you will feel able to find out this all for yourself. I totally understand the pressure you must be under when your parents are so divided.
Best wishes for your future Aleyah. I love seeing the posts your dad shares about you. I feel like I know you a little.

I look forward to seeing you reunite with your dad and the rest of the family who really do love you.

Nicki Lee

Aleyah, please contact your dad and discover what a wonderful father you have.

I de-friended your grandad because of the way your dad was being mistreated although I miss him as he was my best friend, but I couldn't support him in the injustice that was being metered out to your wonderful dad.

Please contact him and discover the fantastic dad that you have.

Tell grandad.... I miss him x

Nick Hodges

Nick Hodges this must come to an end. Aleyah must find out the truth and reunited with her loving Dad...

Michael Lunn

I remember a happy smiley little girl of 18 months old being dropped off at Mar Azul Nursery everyday by her family...she was such a happy and sociable little girl who had an amazing bond with her daddy.

The look in her eyes always said it all.

I wonder if you remember those days Aleyah Monk-Dalton where we all laughed and played till your eyes lit up at the end of the day when you saw your daddy at the door waiting to collect you.

That told us all how much uncondional love that you both had for each other!

That love never went away Aleyah and one day your daddy will put his arms around you and show you how much he has always loved you.

I follow your life and see the photos of you now...what an amazing and beautiful young lady you are...

I'm sure you still remember the time when you lived out here in Spain......Well it's your time to make some of your own decisions now....Contact your Daddy and mend his broken heart..???

Spain loves you Aleyah and one day we WILL all meet again and welcome you here....we all love you and have never ever forgotten you especially your forever daddy....

Lots of love....lindsay...(Nursery Teacher Mar Azul)

One Day Closer x

Lindsay Sullivan

Please Aleyah contact your dad I grew up with your dad and he is a lovely ,lovely man AND I AM STILL HIS FRIEND NOW please please contact him xxx

Sue Freeland

Aleyah, I don't know what I can add to the other excellent posts above other than to say PLEASE contact your daddy.

He loves you so very much and has worked tirelessly to try and be reunited with you.

I'm sure that, as you're growing up, you starting to have your own questions about your dad. He can answer them honestly for you!

Go on, contact your amazing dad ... You won't regret it!

Kerry Lane

Fingers crossed for you Steve.

I've been hoping and praying since finding you on here that you get to see your daughter and you can see the pure love you have for her and you always will have for her..you were a lovely lad at school and you still are, your determination and strength over the years has shown your love for her.. she's missed out on so much of her dads love.. x

Wendy Nicholson

Hello Aleyah, I’m your big cousin Natalia and it would be amazing for you to eventually see your father as he is pretty amazing, he’s always been there for you without you even knowing it.

We have seen how much you have grown into a talented beautiful little lady and we all are so proud of you and nana will be looking down and she would be so proud of you we all love you and hope to see you soon ????

Natalia Culver

I hope and pray they will see that their current actions are nothing more than destructive and they will affect Aleyah in the future.

The one thing you must always ensure is that you have complete honesty with your children. If you truly love and respect your child then you must also ensure that your actions now are without question.

Once a child suspects and then realises deceit there is no longer trust. Good luck Steve I hope they can put the past behind them, and their perceived judgement of you.

I have known you and Aleyah a very long time, and I know the relationship you had was full of love and caring. It is beyond my comprehension how, a loving parent can deny another loving parent XX

Vanessa Marshall

Hola Aleyah

I remember you when u lived near me in Pinada Golf,you were always so happy and funny when Daddy was around we all shared many good times.

He soooo misses those days and not a day goes bye without your name coming up,which goes to show how he loves and misses you.

Now is the right time for you to be reuninted and take things slowly at first then you can see how much cares and loves you.

I live for the day I see that happen,and I think deep down you want that too.This madness has to end soon you must have questions you want to ask your Dad and he is the only one who can tell you the truth.
I wish you well in your stage career its been a pleasure seeing you up there,you have a wonderful talent and i know for a fact that your Dad is soooo proud of you hes fit to burst !,.

So come on Aleyah make everyones dream for your Dad to come true xxxx

Barry Hall

Makes me so sad to see this still happening. I just have memories of you being an amazing dad.

Rachel Bowskill

A Beautiful young lady she was always smiling like her dad.. Amazing memories you made together.. It was a honour to share some of them with you.. I hope she does remember them. And one day you will make many more ♥? xx

Sam Sharp

She is beautiful Steve! I bet your so proud! I hope you will be reunited very soon! She needs her daddy! X

Georgia Emery

My heart aches for you that its been so long...seems like forever since seeing her cheeky little smiling face. One day closer my friend, keep strong xxx

Beautiful, beautiful memories of the 2 of you together. You were inseparable and the fact that you have been so cruelly separated breaks my heart. xxxxx

Caireen Candlin

Stunning little girl, and she will be so proud of her daddy when she knows what you've been doing to be reunited. Keep smiling and stay strong. X

Kerry Lane